Misja Przyjaciół Mołdawii

Wielkie serca dla małego kraju!


There are many children in Moldova who haven’t yet seen a Bible. It often happens that they do not know anything about faith. You can see in the picture Uliana holding her Bible. She is 12 years old and for the first time she is reading the Holy Scripture! Unbelievable? And yet there are many girls and boys in Moldova who just like Uliana haven’t had a chance to read the Bible! Many children there are deprived of the chance to know God and don’t know the Gospel. Their parents don’t tell them about the Gospel because they know little more than their children. At schools, especially those in the countryside, there are no religious education so children don’t have basic information concerning faith. There are no Bibles at home and if there is one by some chance it is written in Russian which is unfamiliar to children. So they can’t just take the Lord’s Word from the shelf and read it. Unless something unexpected happens as it was the case of Uliana who found the Bible at .... a kerb! In 2006 during evangelization in Barboieni village we left one Bible in Romanian on a kerb and it “by chance” got to her hands. Although other children were playing around her Uliana couldn’t stop reading!

It was then when God spoke to our hearts and rouse the desire in us to give Bibles to children! We want to be obedient to Him that is why we started the project called simply “Bibles for children in Moldova”. Uliana (pictured with her mom) has received her Bible but thousands children in Moldova are still waiting for such a gift. If they get this present, it can change their lives permanently and break the curse which has been weighing upon them for generations. It can create a new generation of servants devoted to Jesus Christ who are ready to praise Him with their lives and every boy and every girl will have a chance to become a God’s man or a God’s woman! If only today small hands hold tight the Most Beautiful Love Letter ever written, then tomorrow they can become God’s Hands which bring help and salvation not only to Moldova. We plan to buy the Holy Scripture suitable for two age groups: 6-10 year old and 11-15 year old. Younger children will get illustrated book with chosen Biblical stories and older children will get the Bible with complete Old and New Testaments.

Thanks to God who moved hearts of Christians in Poland we bought in Moldova more than 1000 Bibles for children in June 2008. These are the first copies which will go to children within the framework of our Biblical Project. Some of them have already been given out during our June stay in Moldova. We are very glad that we managed to do so before summer camps for children. We strongly believe that it is a good start of God’s work which will be continued. We encourage you to join our project! Everyone can help! Even if you, your community, your house group, your church or your parish could give only one Bible it can change someone’s life! We ask you to pray together with us so that the greatest number of children in Moldova could have their own Bible!

Wojciech Borys
Director of the Mission of Children’s Friends

The Mission of Children’s Friends is supported by the prayer and financial support. We thank everyone who prays for our ministry and/or gives us offerings which make it possible to run our ministry. Most of all we are grateful to God who called us to this work and still uses us in the missionary ministry.  Support Us